Scion Aviation LLC signs multi- year composite airframe supply agreement with PAE ISR LLC.

Scion Aviation, a leading manufacturer of composites for aerospace, announces a multi- year supply agreement for the Resolute Eagle.

PAE ISR and Scion have worked together to advance the design and build of the Resolute Eagle fleet. Scion will provide all composite parts, sub-assemblies and tooling for PAE ISR’s full carbon fiber UAV. Both companies have worked closely to rapidly develop, produce and support this innovative UAV program. Scion has assisted PAE ISR over the last few years with design, prototype and tooling producing a fleet for PAE ISR to test.

Scion will supply PAE ISR from facilities in both Colorado and Wyoming in the United States.

Jim Sampson, founding CEO of Scion Aviation states, “We are very happy to be part of PAE ISR’s next generation multi-purpose lightweight UAV. Through this multi-year agreement, we reinforce our partnership with PAE ISR in supporting them with ramp up and production of the Resolute Eagle.”

“PAE ISR is honored to be awarded a position on the $1.7B Navy CRUAS ISR IDIQ that will provide world-wide ISR services in support of the U.S military,” said Jake Jacobs, Chief Technology Officer of PAE ISR. “This victory for PAE ISR is directly attributable to the outstanding team assembled, including SCION Aviation and their state-of-the-art development and production capability. We rely on SCION Aviation to produce high quality products, on time and on budget, and we look forward to future partnership opportunities.”

 About Scion Aviation:

 Scion Aviation LLC is a leader in the development and production of advanced structural composites. Its product portfolio includes aerospace, space, experimental and certified products and tooling. Scion Aviation has production facilities in Colorado and Wyoming. As a full-service composites provider, Scion offers high-quality manufacturing, quality assurance and engineering services. The company has proactively expanded its manufacturing capacities by adding a new manufacturing plant in Cheyenne, Wyoming.